Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some the frequently asked questions regarding our custom wine cellars & custom wine cabinet that we're often presented with. However, please feel free to contact us directly if your particular question is not listed/answered below.
Why Do I Need A Wine Cellar?
There is a lot that goes into a wine cellar, and storing wine. Your wine cellar is not only a cosmetic and enjoyable space but can be very convenient for wine enthusiasts. When you have a cellar, you not only have easy access, but you get control of your inventory. Especially for restaurants and country clubs, you get to display the wine to sell, saving time when it comes to "digging" out the wine that a customer has ordered.

Can I Have Concrete Walls In My Wine Cellar?
Concrete walls are not an insulator. Wine cellars have to be insulated unless you are fully underground.

How Should I Store My Wine Bottles?
Laying down is the best way to store your wine bottles. When you lay down the bottle, the cork stays moist most of the time. Otherwise, the cork will dry out and can damage your wine.

How Long Can I Store My Wines?
You can store your wine for decades, as long you keep wine in a proper environment with ideal humidity and temperature.

Why Are Bottles Stored Horizontally?
The wine cork needs to stay hydrated. Your cork can dry out and damage your wine, so laying down your bottle is the best way to store your collection.

Do I Need To Have My Wine Cellar Actively Cooled?
Yes. It is essential that your temperature is controlled. If your wine has a drastic change of temperature, your wine is more likely to become damaged and unenjoyable.

What Areas Do You Service?
Nationwide. GLR Custom Wine Cellars provides a quality and high-end service that wine cellar enthusiasts cannot find elsewhere. If you are looking for a custom wine cellar that is a level above the rest, don't hesitate to reach out today.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Ron Blaul

What a journey our custom wine "cellar" closet was for us. We had started with another contractor who I finally fired after 3 months of starts and stops and extremely poor workmanship. So now I have this terrible torn up corner of our house where the cellar was going to be. I checked a couple companies and nobody wanted to fix it.

Kelly Drew

We hired GLR to turn a pantry into a floor-to-ceiling, glass enclosed wine cellar. We got several bids; however, were so impressed with Gabriel's professionalism, transparency, and openness to work with us on changes, we hired him after our first meeting. He worked with us throughout the project to ensure it meet our needs.

DeeDee Cole

Gabriel of GLR Custom Wine Cellars has excellent craftmanship coupled with superb creativity and a keen design sense. He was easy to work with and he easily pivoted if something needed adjusting. He turned an awkwardly shaped nook in our dining room into a beautiful floor to ceiling wine cellar.

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